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Our Vission

To be a trustworthy and innovative global leader in providing genuine organic input products and solutions for organic farming in India and to become the household name in the urban gardening space.

Our Mission

We shape the future of Indian Farmers with our comprehensive organic inputs that help in maintaining ecological balance.

Our Values

  • Total integrity
  • Absolute commitment to quality
  • Respect and devotion to Mother Nature
  • No compromise on being who we are.

Our Commitment

  • To deliver genuine organic input products to our consumers.
  • To introduce a unique and successful business model that is committed to service and integrity, and benefits all.
  • To support natural, sustainable, organic, agriculture practices that serve and protect Mother Nature.
  • To support the livelihood and well-being of farmers across rural India.
  • To encourage entrepreneurship among youth.

About Company


Organic Farming is a method of farming that uses biological ways of crop production. It reduces the risk of soil erosion and decreases nitrate leaching into ground and surface water. Techniques used in organic farming helps to back the animal waste into the farms that generate nutrients component in the soils as the result of which soil regains its essential features and yield a good production of the crop.

Organic farming has been used for a number of years in India and also been currently used by our farmers in India. The main focus of organic agriculture is to increase production meanwhile produce high-quality, nutrients full food that also contributes a lot to the well beings and health care. With improved flavor, essence, and nourishment, the benefits of unrefined foods are multipronged. It’s a natural complement to a healthier lifestyle and builds a stronger immunity to prevent health complications caused by the use of conventionally processed foods.

Mr. Gur Rajneesh the Founder of Nature’s Aashirvaad established “ENN Aar Organics” in the latest the year 2020 to provide organics inputs to the farmers that are taking a keen interest in organic farming as well as who are previously gratified in organic farming. With this aim, “ENN Aar Organics”  has launched its brand name “ Nature’s Aashirvaad Premium Vermicompost”. We have introduced beneficial vermicompost for the farmers whose land lost its essential features due to the usage of pesticides and other harmful substances.


Premium vermicompost for Urban Gardening & for organic farming.


Supplier of Eisenia Fetida breed of earthworms.

Training & Consultation

Training & Consultation services to an entrepreneur who wants to do vermicomposting.

Founder & Director


Gur Rajneesh

Welcome to our website Nature’s Aashirwaad.  I Gur Rajneesh the founder of this company “Enn Aar Organics” feel very honored to provide our farmers with the best feed for their farms. Talking about myself, I am holding an M.B.A degree from Punjab Agricultural University from Ludhiana. I have experience of more than 16 years in the field of sales, marketing, and business development. Adding more to it, I worked in different positions in reputed companies like Citi Group, HDFC Bank, Axis bank.  And in the year 2020, I thought of taking an interesting move. To accomplish this, I entered into the world of ‘Agri-partnership’ and become a warm farmer. The main aim of this company is to serve Indian farmers with quality Organic Inputs for their farms and as a result that, it enhances the essential elements of the soil.

I am going to build a company that works according to techniques based on scientific principles. The company “ENN Aar Organics” is a company that enhances the quality of agriculture features and the genius of soil.


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