10 Sweet-smelling Flowers For Your Garden

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“Fragrance adds an extra layer of richness to the garden”, they add many beautiful colors to your life and garden. These pleasing smelling flowers spread their scent from early spring to late summers. Scents add an extra element to a garden, turning into a place where you stay behind.

Use plant that blooms in the different seasons to turn your garden into a perfumed environment all year. Even if you don’t enjoy a very strong scent there are many flowers with delicate fragrant that you can’t resist.
You must be wondering which flowers with the sweetest fragrance are? Well, there are many that it is hard to choose. Everyone has their preferences.



You must already know how incredibly sweet the jasmine smells. This popular plant has beautiful small flowers that grow in white and yellow colors and has very delicate yet silky petals that grow during the summer season. Just as every pleasant-smelling flower jasmine is extensively used in the cosmetic and perfume industry. It is an interesting fact that jasmine produces a sweet fragrance at night.


One of the most popular flowers in the world, most of the roses comes with great fragrance. Whenever the plant bloom, it would fill the entire garden with a high refreshing scent. There are so many colors available in this flower-like red, pink, yellow, orange, and black. Most of them come with nice and rejuvenating fragrant flowers, which look very attractive too. This flower is mainly used for making the bouquet.


This flower comes in different colors and variety. The fragrance of plumeria is one of the best and most loved by everyone. There are certain beautiful hybrids of the plumeria that are not fragmented, but the most popular one has a high fragrance. The flowers are very beautiful on their own.


Wisteria has a great similarity with grape-like clusters and moreover, this stunning flower opens in purple, pink, and white colors. During growing, it yields a sweet pleasant smell. Chinese wisteria is the most notable sweet-smelling plant of the wisteria family. This plant swaps its stem around different things.


Four o’clock flower is named after its evening blooming nature as it starts from late afternoon and continues throughout the night. This flower grows in many colors, in different combinations of pink, white, and yellow. They need very little water.


They are the most charming, fruity scent that is so innocent yet so pleasing. This flower comes up in many colors, but if you want to experience the best scent then white and yellow are the best.

The above list of flowers is based on its highly attractive fragrance, which is perfect for an aromatic garden.


If you love chocolates then you will be surprised by the smell of this beautiful flower. They are not only beautiful but the unique reddish-brown color and also one of the most fragrant flowers in the world with the smell of sweet vanilla. It is like you have planted flowers and instead got some chocolate candies. Its smell is most effective in the heat, which means you can enjoy the whole summer.


This delicate member of the lily family bloom in the spring season. You can’t miss this cute bell-like flower, but what is most famous for this is its extraordinary fragrance. These white or pale pink flowers have the power to spread fragrance throughout the whole garden. It grows low so it is great as a ground cover. It grows in moist soil.


Citrus flowers are sweet-scented, plus there’s the additional benefit of delicious fruit. Citrus needs plenty of moisture and food, mostly from spring till autumn. The main flowering period is summer, but some citrus fruits such as Meyer lemon will flower and fruit for the whole year.

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