Growing Gerberas in Pots – Gerbera is a type of daisy and can be seen in a variety of beautiful colors like purple, blue, pink and white. These flowers are so graceful that whenever you add them to the bouquets or vases, they enhance the overall look. In India, they are mostly known by names such as Kupheru, Kapas, and Jhulu. Although there are many people who still prefer to call it by its common name, which is gerbera.


  • Planting gerberas through seeds is the best and the easiest way to go about. With appropriate conditions, the gerbera seeds tend to germinate very fast. 2-3 seeds of gerbera in one pot is just enough. The right time to sow these seeds is when the winters are about to begin. That is in the months of November and December. While sowing you should make sure that the soil is suitably moist. Once you bury the seeds, covering the pot with plastic is advised as it helps in retaining the moisture level of the soil. Keep it covered for two weeks- this much time is required for the seeds’ germination. And then, move the pot to a place where it can get full sunlight.
  • If you do not have gerbera seeds at your disposal, then you can propagate it directly by dividing the plant root into 2-4 sections and planting it in different containers. The best time to do it would be in late winters when the flowers have stopped blooming. Gerbera like many other plants needs to be looked after very well. And therefore, it is recommended that you go through the basic stuff mentioned below before planting this daisy in your garden.


A medium-sized container would be perfect to plant gerbera as they tend to grow to a limited height. Waterlogging should be strictly avoided and for that make numerous holes at the bottom of the pot.


Gerbera is an exotic flower that can be grown under a wide range of climatic conditions. But the flower, of course, requires a different set-ups in different climates. For example, in tropical areas, you can very easily grow gerberas in the open. Whereas in a sub-tropical climate, the planting should be done in the shade. This flower can be best grown in North India. For multiple blooming, it is best to plant these flowers in full sunlight.


Gerberas need well-drained soil. Soil enriched with vermiculite and manure would help you grow extremely fresh gerberas, as both these things are best known to enhance the level of fertility of the soil.


The soil always needs to be moist, and therefore, this plant needs regular watering. Even if it has a high water requirement, the plant should never be watered excessively. The roots may rot immediately.


Fertilizer is one of the essential things required for gerbera propagation, and it should not be ignored at any cost. Liquid fertilizers work best for gerberas. Feed the plant with this during its flowering stage, and the results will be there for you to see!

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