A beautiful garden speaks a lot about your home. A well-designed garden not only gives a good aura but also adds vibrance of different colors to your home. Irrespective of the fact that your garden is a big country plot in your courtyard or just a small set of pots in a busy city balcony, garden flowers can add a burst of colors according to the season.


Summer followed after spring is probably the best season to grow the best vibrant colored flowers in your garden. To make growing garden flowers easier, the following are some easy picks that require minimal water, less attention, grow in any type of soil, make these beauties thrive, and last till summer ends.


Gloriosa Daisy, which is more popularly known by the name “Black-Eyed Susan” are bright summer flowers that have yellowish-orange petals with deep brown centers. This flower grows up to 3.5ft tall and is a great flower to grow in summer. As the name suggests, the Gloriosa Daisy attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees.


Dahlias are vibrant flowers that can cheer up any garden. These are symmetrically shaped ball-like flowers that come in bright colors like purple, orange, yellow, and white. They come in different varieties that grow in different sizes and height. These are considered to be the prettiest summer flowers for any floral arrangement.


Hibiscuses are the best garden standout wildflowers that can be planted in your home. The varied colored petal varieties in hibiscus are white, red, and pink. These flowers range from 2ft to 8ft high according to the variety. Perennial Hibiscus flowers begin to bloom from late spring and last until frost in winter.


Marigolds form the best summer flowers for your garden as they are easy to plant and grow. It comes in colors ranging from orange, yellow, and white. It requires minimal attention and lasts until winter. They are not fussy about soil and grow without any difficulty even in poor soil conditions. These vibrant colored flowers make a great landscape for your garden and make your beautiful garden bloom.


These clover-like flower heads are the best pick for your garden and stand out among all other flowers. Globe Amaranth is papery flowers that last for a long time in your garden. They do not just suit the summer requirements, but also suit the dryness of winter. The flowers come in all colors ranging from pink, white, red, purple, and lilac. The “All round purple” and “Strawberry bright red blossoms” are the best picks to bloom in your garden.


Owing to its beauty, one always has the misconception that beautiful flowers require more maintenance and care. However, daylilies do not require much attention. Daylilies easily adapt to every weather condition and thrive in any season. Daylilies come in white and pink colors that form the perfect summer bouquets in your garden.

The above-mentioned flowers make life easy for those who crave colored flowers all summer. These flowering colored plants will bloom all season long. If you love the vibrant colors and shades of the summer flora, then plant these flowers and let them beautify your garden and personal space.

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