If you are living in an area that is shady all day long, then you might be thinking that you can’t grow plants but don’t be sad because there are many flowers that grow in shade and bloom very beautifully with many splashing colors and they too have a pleasant fragrance which will provide to your garden. Just because your garden is in a shaded area doesn’t mean that you can’t grow beautiful flowers. There are many flowers that like the light shade of the sun.



Impatiens are the most desirable and shade-loving flowers. These flowers will grow in spring and constantly bloom till winter. These flowers come in a wide range of variety and have many beautiful colors. They are very easy to grow so if you don’t know much planting then also you can grow these flowers very easily on your own. Depending on you, you can buy large striking impatiens or small delicate impatiens.


If you purchase torenia for your garden, you will enjoy the benefit of both things beautiful as well as rare. This flower is not often seen in the home garden but it can bring beautiful shades of purple, pink, and yellow to your backyard. Hummingbird loves this plant so if you want to attract these types of birds then it must be in your garden. This plant came in both trailing and upright variety so it will be perfect for the borders of your flower beds.


This plant is incredibly adaptable because it can fit in your flower beds, indoor, pots, or in a basket. This flower comes in red, white, orange, or pink depending on availability. Green leaves or chocolate brown leaves give this plant charm even when they do not fully bloom. Like many plants, it also requires very little attention and care. Make sure that soil stays loose and you water this plant once a month.


This plant belongs to the shrub family and this wonderful plant is used for landscape projects. If you want to have attention in your garden then this plant must-have in your garden. This flower comes up in a variety of colors. The color depends upon the presence of ph in the soil. It blossoms during spring and summer.


Primrose plants are very adored by their gardeners because they are so bright, colorful, and dazzling. They come in a huge variety of happy colors such as red, orange, white, purple and dark yellow, etc. and they all have a soft golden core. This spring buy a huge variety of primrose and plant them in your garden for a fantastic display of different color flowers.


Bleeding heart is marvelous when blooming fully because when they bloom fully they bloom in the unique heart shape which looks so pretty and amiable. These plants prefer full shade, but they can also grow in partial sun and add beautiful shade to your garden. They can a lot of interesting colors and texture throughout the season. If you want to add beauty as well as uniqueness to your garden then the bleeding heart must be on your bucket list



The hosta lily is more alluring for its broad leaves than for its small white flower that blooms very late. Colors like golden, blue, and green add a different texture to your garden. Once grown up this plant doesn’t need much attention. This plant needs nutrient intense soil that is fully moist. It is 2-4 inches tall.

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