Gardening is a very useful activity. It makes the person refreshed as well as flowers of garden enlighten the face of a person the whole day. And it is also said that a house with a beautiful garden is also a beautiful house. Flowers spread happiness and add colors to the lives of people. Usually, summer flowers need less attention as compared to flowers of other seasons.

There are a number of pretty flowers enlisted below which adds to the beauty of the garden at the ace gardener. These are chosen according to their color, fragrance, and natural beauty. There will be no use in growing flowers in the garden until proper care and attention is provided to them.


These flowers indicate a better class. These are generally grown to enhance the beauty of the house. This flower is mostly violet in color.


These flowers come in a variety of colors and that is mostly bright such as orange, yellow, purple, and white. Because of their bright colors only, they provide a vibrant look to the garden. These look very beautiful in different colors. There is no particular height of these flowers. These are also used for floral arrangements.


These flowers belong to the perennials category. This is a Greek word and meant starlike flowers. These flowers look similar to that sunflowers. They are very small and are 1-1.5 inches in size. It also comes in a variety of vibrant colors. These are some of the easiest flowers to cultivate. There are many varieties of asters such as Willow aster, Smooth aster, Many-flowered aster, New England ester etcetera.


These flowers are also from the sunflower family and also called Gaillardia aristata. These can be planted in large fields or in gardens. When they bloom, they turn into bright red and yellow colors at the end of the summer. These flowers can be the source of attraction for the butterflies.


These are one of the prettiest flowers of summer gardens. They are very alluring to the eyes and surprisingly need very less care for their blooming. These are the type of flowers which can be grown in any season because they adapt to the environment of every season. These can be of white or pink color. People who do gardening for enhancing the beauty of their house, they must grow these flowers in their garden.


Again this is also one of the charming flowers for the summer season and comes in pink and purple colors. This is a very vibrant flower. But it also has thorns along with it, so be careful while touching them. These can also be used as a covering for house fence.


The scientific name of this flower is x superb. As these flowers are white in color so they are mostly used for wedding decorations. Otherwise, also white flowers look different from all other colorful flowers and are always preferred for floral decorations. In spite of their beauty, they have one drawback, they do not smell very good when you go very close to them. This is also considered one of the favorite flowers of the gardeners.


What we need for gardening is to mostly plant the flowers which require less attention from us. And this marigold is one of such flowers which can be easily planted and taken care of. This flower comes in a variety of colors.

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