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Taking Care of Plants in Summer – Plants, being delicate and extremely sensitive to the environment, need special care and protection in different weather conditions. Particularly a severe summer can be quite damaging to them if you do not take proper measures to protect them from the excess heat and water shortage. It is, therefore, necessary that you prepare yourself for the summer season in advance so that you can offer the best protection to your garden plants. The following are a few tips for taking care of plants in summer.


Summer follows winter and is the period of the year when the entire life is in a regeneration mode. Be it plants or animals, the energy is high and the conditions are conducive to growth and reproduction. A little help and your garden can flourish more than any other time during summer. If appropriate conditions are provided, the natural warmth of the season can hasten the process of seed germination and growth.


It’s quite a no-brainer that summer is the season when plants need the most supply of water. The increased heat in the atmosphere diminishes humidity and hastens the process of evaporation. This causes the plants to get dehydrated easily. Water is one of the most important elements that any plant should have in ample supply during summer. It is, therefore, necessary that you water your garden or potted plants regularly and adequately during this season.


The timing of watering plants is also important during summer. As the heat is more in the late mornings and afternoons, the water gets evaporated quickly creating a shortage for the plants. The best time for watering plants in summer is early in the morning or late in the evening when the conditions are cooler.


One of the effects of summer heat is that the soil tends to become dry due to increased evaporation. Larger plants have deeper roots to absorb water from the deeper layers of soil. However, most garden plants such as shrubs and bushes – and potted plants in particular – need some help in keeping the soil moist. One simple way is to add some clay to the soil so that it retains enough moisture even during harsh summer weather.

Another way is to add an ample amount of mulch while planting a plant as it helps stabilize the soil temperature and hold moisture in it. You can also cover the soil with mulch that contains dry leaves, grass, pieces of wood, etc. to decrease the speed of evaporation. Adding vermicompost to the soil also helps in water retention.


Pruning not only helps your garden look more beautiful and well-maintained but it is also an important way of caring for your plants during the summer season. Pruning of unwanted leaves and foliage will ensure more water retention as there is less loss of water due to the process of transpiration. Removing weeds from the ground is also important as it will ensure that plants get enough nutrition during summer.

Follow these simple tips and your garden will flourish during summer like never before.

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