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Many people like to grow beautiful herb gardens, but they think that a lawn or a proper garden is required to plant these herbs. Now you don’t need a very large space to grow the perennial or annual herbs. Many herbs can easily sustain within garden containers and look beautiful when placed in your balcony patio, near the fireplace, the deck, or even the front steps showcasing the entrance of your house. However, you need to ensure that the right growing conditions are provided to the herbs.


There are few things which you need to take care of when growing herbs in the garden containers. To grow optimally, herbs require a lot of sunlight. They should be kept at such a place where they receive a maximum of eight hours of sunlight. Try to avoid using fertilizers for the herbs. Some herbs require more water whereas some require herbs, hence water the herbs carefully. You can use ceramic pots which are most suitable for the growth of the herbs.


Take a look at the top five herbs which can grow best in garden containers:


The chives are the pink and purple colored spring flowers grow best under the complete sun. They are easy to grow outdoors. The chives should preferably be kept in pots that have well-drained soil (preferably rich in compost). They have hollow leaves and are mostly grown for their blooms.


Easy to grow in different types of soil, mint can grow either in partial shade or full shade. The best quality mint leaves can be seen in rich soil. Also, mint can grow only when it is placed and sow in a pot.


A popular ingredient used in many dishes, particularly the Mediterranean. A perennial shrub, oregano requires a well-drained mix and proper sunlight for its growth. Excessive water should not be added to the pots of oregano. The pungent smell of the oregano leaves arises from the higher effect of sunlight, the higher the duration, the better are the smell of the leaves.


Another perennial bush, the lavender also requires a perfect pot-mix for growth. It grows best under proper sunlight, but no fertilizers should be added to the potting mix. It requires dry soil for growth.


Popularly known as coriander, it requires well-drained soil for its growth. An annual her, Cilantro requires an appropriate amount of sunlight and at times is also fine under shade. The container garden required for planting Cilantro should have a depth of a minimum of 12 inches.

These are the top five annual and perennial herbs that can grow great in garden pots and show the best possible growth in these pots only. A ceramic pot will be the best choice as these can be left outside for hours and days. Some of the herbs can be grown annually which can be discarded after a year and fresh growth can be started again.

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