Training & Consultation

Comprehensive Training on Vermicomposting

On location site visit & practicals

Consultation in Vermicomposting Unit Establishment

Regular support for 1 Year

The aims of our organization are to popularize organic farming in India, generate awareness amongst the city folk, and help develop a market for organic foods within the country.

Enn Aar Organics provides complete training of Vermicomposting all over north India.

We provide you proper training to start a unit at your own place. We will help you to provide good quality earthworms and also help to set up the infrastructure. We also provide proper training to setup vermibeds, pits from the initial stage to production.

 We have regular training programs scheduled at our Mohali Campus, in which we have three days program (crash course) and thirty days training program.

Apart from this, we provide consultancies to various Vermicomposting Units and Organic Growers.

Course Content

  • Introduction: Waste Management Issues
  • Composting: The Process
  • Compost: The Product
  • Biology & Ecology of Earthworms
  • Vermicomposting: Process & Product
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Business Plan
  • Resources

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